Martial Artist

Since 1985, I have trained in various martial arts, including Taekwondo, Kung-fu and Capoeira Angola. Practicing martial arts has given me the confidence to teach, to get on a stage and perform, and to raise my own children. I’m lucky to have had incredible teachers in these arts.

I’ve practiced other martial arts too – Karate, Tai Chi, Wing Tsun, and studied Chado, the Way of Tea (what I consider to be a martial art!) at Japan House in Urbana, IL.


I began to study Capoeira Angola in 2008. I am now a student of the Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande – Illinois. My teacher is Contramestre Deni.


I studied Taekwondo under Grand Master Hyong in his H.M.D. Academy system based in Savoy, IL. I became an instructor in his program. In Master Hyong’s classes, I learned all I know about teaching, kindness and living a holistic life.

I taught Taekwondo the night before I gave birth to my son. This video was taken by my martial arts sister, Lillian Hoddeson.


I have also studied Choy Lay Fut Kung-fu under Santanu Rahman, who now runs Austin Kung-fu Academy.