I am a Professor of Music and the Director of the Creative Technologies Program at Illinois State University. I teach Computer Programming for Creatives, Music Business, and I have created and taught lots of Selected Topics classes. 

List of courses that I have taught at Illinois State University

MUS 175 Introduction to the Music Industry   2007-continuing (original syllabus)
MUS 223 Further Studies in the Music Industry   2008-continuing (original syllabus)
MUS 400 Independent Study in Music
MUS 298 Professional Practice: Music Business   2007-continuing

ART 287 Independent Studies in Art   2007, 2009, 2010
ART 400 Graduate Independent Studies  2007, 2009, 2010
ART 490 Graduate Directed Projects in Arts Technology   2010

Creative Technologies (formerly Arts Technology)
ATK 201 Basic Skills: Introduction to Arts Technology   2010, 2011, 2012 (original syllabus)
ATK 260 Computer Arts Performance Studio (live performance using digital tech)   2008
ATK 301 Software Design in the Arts I 2009, 2010, 2015 (web design)
ATK 302 Programming for Digital Creatives 2010-ongoing, online in summer (original syllabus)
ATK 450 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Arts Technology 2014
ATK 460 Digital Performance Studio 2016
ATK 469 Design and Aesthetic Issues in Arts Technology (Graduate Seminar)   2009 

For the following “Selected Topics” courses, faculty design syllabi around a concept of their choice. These are classes I developed and taught. 10-20 upperclass and graduate students.
ATK 380 “Psychogeographic Practices in Virtual and Augmented Reality” 2016 (original syllabus)
ATK 380 “Motion Graphics” 2015, 2016 (original syllabus)

ATK 380 “Sustainability, Eco-Art, and Hacktivism” communicate sustainability issues through art   2011 (original syllabus)
ATK 380 “Composing Music from Non-Musical Means”   2011 (original syllabus)
ATK 380 “The Road” new media projects related to journey, destination, mapping, pilgrimage, tourism ‘10 (original syllabus)
ATK 388 “The Social Web and You” the effects of social media on social infrastructure   2009 (original syllabus)
ATK 388 “All Your API Are Belong To Us” easy-to-use toolkits for popular software apps   2009 (original syllabus)
ATK 388 “Communication and Interactivity” the impact of web programming tech on design   2008 (original syllabus)
ATK 388 “Ubiquitous Games and Augmented Reality” invisible, networked computing+games   2008 (original syllabus)
ATK 388 “The Architecture of Participation” communication and collaboration in Web 2.0   2007 (original syllabus)
ATK 388 “Code: The art, aesthetics and sociality” code as language, architecture, poetry + social process   2007 (original syllabus)

Honors Courses
HON202.A75 Advanced Honors Seminar: “Art + Resistance” – (original syllabus, 8 weeks) (2017) 
Honors Exploration: Human-Computer Interaction – 15 students (2015) (original syllabus)

Online / Flipped / Hybrid Courses I designed and taught
ATK 380 “Arts and Music Entrepreneurship”   2012, 2014, 2015 online only, summer (original syllabus)
ATK 302 Programming for Digital Creatives (original syllabus) (also mentioned above under Arts Technology courses.


I studied under Grand Master Hyong for years at H.M.D. Academy in Savoy. I then became an instructor under Master Hyong’s program (Pal Gi Sang). I then taught Taekwondo with my martial arts sister Lillian Hoddeson for over a decade in Urbana, IL.